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Leodis Heating and Plumbing is one of the leading providers of plumbing and heating services in West Yorkshire, employing a team of experienced engineers and trusting tradesmen with the skills and experience necessary to tackle heating and plumbing projects.
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Plumbing Installation

Our trusted team will ensure that your new plumbing installation is installed according to specifications, is fully functional, and looks fantastic. We perform many plumbing installations in London each year and always work with longevity in mind.


Leodis heating and plumbing have handled many complex plumbing installations throughout Leeds and across West Yorkshire. We take a precise approach to our work which ensures we deliver a high-class service plumbing installation.  


We can deal with old systems through to the latest technology systems, our team is trained and kept up to date with old and the newest systems. This allows us to install every element of your installation minimal disruption.

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Plumbing Maintenance

Comprehensive maintenance of plumbing systems can help you avoid costly and inconvenient accidents and incidents at your home or place of business. Maintenance can also identify any minor issues with your plumbing system before they become a major issue.


If you have a larger home or commercial property, maintenance is very important due to the extensive plumbing infrastructure which may be involved. There are more potential weak points involved where issues might arise.


At Leodis we offer our customers/clients flexible maintenance agreements tailored to each individual and their specific requirements.
Our maintenance services can include full boiler servicing, pipe infrastructure inspections and everything in between. 


When you hire Leodis, you can not only expect honesty, availability, punctuality, and technical know-how. We offer a timely, fuss-free 24-hour service delivered by professional engineers who are fully licensed and insured.


Regardless of the scale of the project, we always use the same level of attention-to-detail, professionalism, and due diligence.


  • 2 years workmanship warranty issued free of charge backed by Quality Mark Protection
  • Any issues within the first 2 years are addressed within 48 hours
  • Deposit Protection Insurance against customers deposit with a 7-day cancellation form 
  • All works are contracted as part of the Consumer Code Act 
  • MCS Accredited for Renewables – Air Source Heat Pump Installers (we need a new page about this)
  • Free no obligation surveys
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