Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps are renewable heating systems that extract heat from the air and convert it into energy for your radiators or hot water system. Since these pumps run on electricity and not gas, they are a great way to heat your home whilst reducing your carbon emissions. For every unit (kWh) of grid electricity that goes into your heat pump, you get roughly 3-5 units of energy out. This is known as the Seasonal Coefficient of Performance, or SCOP for short. This is the magic of heat pumps.

The better your home is insulated, the higher the SCOP you obtain. In simple terms, this means that more heat will be generated throughout your home. It is vital that you accurately calculate your SCOP in order to sufficiently design a heat pump system that remains compliant with Building Regulations Part L. As experts in commercial heat pump installations, we can help you with this. Here at Leodis, we will always undertake a heat loss survey before submitting a formal proposal.


Unleash the Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

With a list of benefits as long as our arms, investing in an air source heat pump is certainly a good choice. We’ve gathered a few of our favourite pros to share with you:


One of the biggest positives from switching to a heat pump is that you are actively lowering your carbon footprint. These systems use outside air instead of gas and can heat our homes in a highly efficient way.

Money Saving

Switching to air source heat pumps is a great way to reduce your gas bill. By choosing this sustainable system, you can save thousands of pounds each year.

Low Maintenance

Air source heat pumps require very little maintenance. We would always recommend having an annual servicing just to ensure that everything is running the way that it should. Our team of air source heat pump experts can do this for you.

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Experience the Benefits of Working with an Expert Installer

As an MCS Certified Designer and Installer, Leodis can advise you on eligibility and simplify the whole process. To save you time and stress, we’ll apply for the grant on your behalf. The full claim is deducted from the up-front cost, so you don’t even have to wait for the payment. Ofgem will contact you to confirm we are acting for you.

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Air source heat pump maintenance


ASHPs are complex systems that can experience various faults and issues. Common faults include, Icing issues, airflow obstructions, refrigerant leaks, pump issues, electrical, thermostat or sensor faults all of which can lead to reduced efficiency, poor performance or breakdown.


Regular servicing ensures that your heat pump is working efficiently and effectively as well as prolonging your systems life cycle. Our experts can provide servicing on all air source heat pumps.


Leodis are an experienced heat pump installation and maintenance provider in Leeds. Our engineers are all heat geek trained and refcom accredited as a minimum. They also receive frequent product training as part of ongoing development programmes.


The annual maintenance plan offers a great option for spreading the service costs over the year. Maintenance Plan subscribers benefit from discounted prices, priority call outs, Asset Tagging and Mapping, as well as access to the Leodis Customer Portal, an on, line register for all your hearting assets.


ASHP Servicing Checklist


ASHP Servicing Costs



“Leodis made the whole process simple and understandable. They always took the time to explain what they were doing and I really appreciated this.”