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A fully functioning boiler is essential to the functionality of your home. Regular services ensure that your boiler is in tip-top condition, prolonging its life-span and saving you money. Whether your boiler needs repairing of you require a new boiler installation, the Leeds Plumbing & Heating team can help. We have a team of reliable boiler installers in Leeds and the surrounding areas.
We can advise you on the most efficient ways to use your boiler as well as ensuring that it’s working at its best all year round. Our Gas Safe engineers are exceptionally qualified in all manner of boiler services and repairs – so, trust us to look after your home.

Repairs & Servicing

We offer central heating repair services and boiler servicing – whether we installed your boiler or not! Our gas safe heating engineers are highly qualified and exceptionally professional.
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Discover the Benefits of Upgrading to a New Boiler

1. Increased Energy Efficiency: New boilers are designed to be highly efficient, utilising advanced technology to maximize heat output while minimizing energy consumption. Upgrading to a new boiler can result in significant energy savings, leading to lower heating bills and reduced environmental impact.

2. Enhanced Performance and Reliability: Older boilers may suffer from reduced performance and frequent breakdowns. By installing a new boiler, you can enjoy improved heating performance and a more reliable system. Newer models offer better heat distribution, faster heating times, and increased temperature control, ensuring optimal comfort throughout your home.

3. Cost Savings: Although the initial investment in a new boiler may seem significant, it can lead to long-term cost savings. Energy-efficient boilers consume less fuel, which means lower heating bills over time. Additionally, modern boilers often require less maintenance and are built to last, reducing the need for expensive repairs or replacements in the near future.

4. Quieter Operation: Older boilers can produce noise and vibrations during operation, which can be disruptive and annoying. New boilers are designed with noise reduction features, providing quieter and more peaceful heating for your home. Enjoy a comfortable environment without the distracting sounds of an outdated boiler.

5. Environmental Friendliness: Upgrading to a new boiler can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. Energy-efficient models produce lower carbon emissions, reducing your household's carbon footprint. By choosing a new boiler with eco-friendly features, you can actively contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

6. Improved Safety: Older boilers may pose safety risks, such as carbon monoxide leaks or potential fire hazards. New boilers adhere to strict safety standards and are equipped with advanced safety features, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring the well-being of your household.

7. Enhanced Control and boiler Smart Features: Many new boilers come with advanced control systems, including programmable thermostats and smart home integration. These features allow you to conveniently set heating schedules, adjust temperatures remotely, and optimize energy usage based on your preferences. Enjoy greater control over your heating system and maximise comfort while minimizing waste.

Investing in a new boiler offers numerous benefits, including increased energy efficiency, improved performance and reliability, cost savings, quieter operation, environmental friendliness, enhanced safety, and advanced control options. Consult with a professional heating specialist to find the best boiler solution for your home and enjoy a more comfortable and efficient heating system.